FEBRUARY 26,  2017

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FEBRUARY 26, 2017


In the last feature article we reminisced on the long journey of Allis Chalmers becoming the foundation of Allis Gleaner Corporation (AGCO).  AGCO started out with a royal ancestry of old tractor brands and manufacturing businesses that AC had acquired over the years.  

Since it's inception in 1990 AGCO has followed in AC's footsteps when comes to aquisitions, but has elected to maintain several of the different brand names it has acquired.  And with the purchases of White and Massey Ferguson soon after it was formed, AGCO became the ancestor of more old iron and tractor brands.

In 1991 White Tractors were absorbed by AGCO and a couple of years later White New Idea farm
 equipment was included.   New Idea had roots dating back to 1899 and White Tractor ancestory can
 be traced to Nichols Shepard and Company in the 1850's.


And then Massey Ferguson became part of AGCO in 1993/1994 bringing with it another long and rich
history dating back to the New Castle Foundry and Machine Manufactory in 1847.
(yes -  "Manufactory" is correct)


AGCO has expanded worldwide by absorbing more tractor and agricultural related companies.  And in addition
to traditional agricultural equipment, they have became one stop shopping for a broad spectrum of related items.
 In addition to financing they provide products for storage, handling and processing of seed, feed, grain, milk, and produce including coffee and sugar cane.  And most recently have picked up a couple of poultry products manufacturers.  Wholly owned and joint venture manufacturing, training, parts and warehouse facilities around the globe provide products to over 3100 dealers.  Brand names owned and marketed by AGCO include Challenger, Fendt, GSI, Massey Ferguson, Valtra, Fella, Gleaner, Sunflower and White.  With $7.4 billon dollars of worldwide sales in 2016 AGCO is still not the biggest agricultural product manufacturer in the world, but certainly a major player.


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