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AUGUST 7, 2017



Advertising Shaun Czeiszperger 989-494-2833
Arts and Crafts Kristy Birchmeier 989-413-2349
Richard Birchmeier 989-413-2352
Bar Charlie Sutter 989-666-2448
Randy Sutter 989-666-7842
Bar Clean-Up Tommy Halloway 989-494-7367
Bean Soup Darryl Keeler 989-213-2533
Bereavement Frank Young 989-865-9020
Building/Maintenance Carl Ziola 989-277-3336
By-Laws Kathy Woolworth 517-894-3960
Camping Cheryl Ziola 989-280-5453
Tracey Tucker 819-287-1059
Cement Pulls Conley Dugalech 989-494-8952
Chicken Barbeque Chad  and Brandee Stopjik 989-513-3161
Cider Mill James Hill 989-323-9232
Dave Theis 989-640-2762
Concessions Bonnie Koski E_MAIL
Courtesy Carts Eli Hinjosa 989-845-6407
Crop Demonstrations Dennis Neuenfeldt 989-695-6077
Crosscut Sawing Fuzz Koski 989-723-2369
Electrical John Lehman 517-256-5712
Jeff Theis 517-712-3430
Emergency Services Randy Sutter 989-666-7842
Jeff Ziola 989-233-9171
Engine Barn Rodney Rormain 989-781-2744
Dennis Allore 989-280-0840
Rick Smith/Andy Stratton
Entertainment Ileen Schlicher 517-927-9892
Featured Brand Frank & Liz Tomac 989-845-2792
Flea Market Brad Lab 989-723-5546
Funeral Dinners Fran Doty 989-661-2513
Garden Tractor Pull Jeff Ziola 989-233-9171
Grounds Caretaker Jefff Welch 989-533-9856
Grist Mill Jefff Welch 989-533-9856
Grounds Rentals Fuzz Koski 989-723-2369
Information Booth Jan Denter 989-642-5648
Handle Mill Ed Hart 989-661-2786
Don Shuster 517-812-5483
Membership Kathy Woolworth 517-894-3960
North Gate John Conklin 989-323-1216
Parade Frank Kranz 810-732-6124
Parking Gavin Lab 989-723-5546
Parks and Recreation Don Shuster 517-769-6219
Pedal Pull Andy Shuster/Scott Binger
/Matt Veale
People Movers Ted Turnwald 248-515-7289
Scott Coon 231-499-5034
Picnic Tables Adam Wheeler 989-666.3366
Playground Joe Cushman 517-375-1766
Jody Schlicklin 517-449-0305
Plumbing Dennis Tucker 586-531-0892
Porta Johns Frank Fisher 989-413-0887
Raffle Tractor John Schneider 989-845-7276

Terry Newland 989-845-7576
Registration Lance Browning 810-241-5598
Restrooms - Cleaning Lisa Fisher 989-729-0206
Restrooms - Maintenance Bob Schlickin 517-449-0306
Roadside Cleanup Tim Early 989-295-0900
Rock Crusher Greg Follen 989-666-3871
John Delaney 989-277-2948
Rural Education Day Delores Koski 989-723-4909
Bill Koski 989-723-2369
Sawmill Carl Ziola 989-277-3336
Security – Club Ralph Turner 989-413-8519
Security – Bar/Gate Randy Sutter 989-666-7842
Shingle Mill Ken Miller 989-862-5215
Showbook Jody Schlicken 517-449-0305
Shaun Czeiszperger 989-494-2833
Show Pulls/Dead Weight Ryan Luft 989-239-8914
Ray Hart 989-413-7532
Butch Vanderhoof 989-666-1626
Jeff Hudecek 989-666-8516

Ray Griffes 517-285-1615
Signs Mike Dickinson 989-743-4560
Slow Race Bridget Wheelock 989-284-8100
Small Engines Frank & Liz Tomac 989-845-2792
Solid Waste Management Frank Fisher 989-413-0887
South Gate Bob Schlicklin 517-449-0306
Souvenier Shack Judy Sutter 989-666-4459
Spectator Gate Bill Koski/Cookie Howland 989-723-2369
Steam Barn/Traction Engines Roger Acker 989-624-5042

Steve Oszust 989-239-1946
Tents Ed Hart 989-661-2786
T-Sled Pulls Damon Gengler 989-845-6622
Dan Mose 313-617-4878
Threshing Mike Koski 989-661-2505
Tree Planting lleen Schlicher 517-927-9892
Veneer Mill Bill Walter/Jim Walroth 989-634-5616
Website Myrle Gorsline 517-643-1706
Frank Young 989-865-9020


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